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 East of D4 section, Binhai New Avenue, Chiyangkou Area, Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei.

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Fisher Island Sea View Hot Spring is located at Golden Coast, Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei and also the Fisher Island Resort which is 83 kilometers away from 364 provincial road. Chinese name of the hotel sounds like the English word of “Fisher”. The Hot Spring Hall is designed based on brand-new concept and structure, in which the hot spring comes from the deep sea rock, identified as "fluorinated hot springs". The temperature of the outlet water reaches 53 degrees, rich in fluorine, metaboric acid , silicic acid and more than dozens of trace elements. The water quality is clear and transparent, after the bath in the hot spring, the skin of your whole body will be finer and more tender because the hot spring can do good for your beauty and health.

 With a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan and a building area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, the hot springs hall has 85 spring pools of various sizes while 3,000 people at most can bathe in simultaneously. At the same time, it has 76 guest rooms for sightseeing, 240 dining tables in the cafeteria, as well as 4 medium and high-end meeting rooms of different sizes. It is a comprehensive hot spring project where guest can enjoy hot spring health care, conference and entertainment, catering accommodation, and leisure and vacation in the blue sea and blue sky.

Fisher Island Marine Hot Spring is divided into indoor and outdoor parts: Fisher Sea View Hot Spring is the indoor part, which adopts a variety of tropical rainforest plants and greenery to create a tropical rainforest fairyland providing services, including five areas---traditional Chinese medicine health care, karst cave hot springs, exotic customs area, VIP family experience(VIP bathing), dynamic entertainment. This well-contained part is designed with complete facilities and you can enjoy an excellent seaview here; the outdoor hot spring is a summer tourism and leisure project, featuring mountains and coasts. It is composed of three areas: forest recreation, beauty care and coastal hot spring. You can enjoy the sea view when you’re bathing in the hot spring. At the same time, the winter hot spring also support an ice and snow carnival project, which will make you have an exciting experience in the snow and hot spring. Fisher Marine Hot Spring Project is a unique four-season view leisure project in northern China that fills the tourism gap in winter in Qinhuangdao and creates a new era for Qinhuangdao's winter tourism.

address: East of D4 section, Binhai New Avenue, Chiyangkou Area, Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei. TEL:4008755777
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